Hey everyone. Just wanted to report my recent experience with Langton's.

Sent her a query, got a reply back from her assistant named Valia Lind requesting the first 100 pages (sent as a single-spaced Word document AND a printed copy, which I found a little odd, since almost everyone insists on double-spaced pages). So I sent them. A week later got a reply saying they thought the beginning chapters could use a bit of work but that the rest of it was "very engaging". She requested the remainder of the manuscript, again single-spaced, both e-mail and hard copy. So began several week's worth of waiting and anxiety, hoping desperately that they would like it and want to represent it. While it was in their hands I observed the proper etiquette and did not send queries to any further agents. A month passed and I finally got a reply back. She said their readers felt that it slowed down a lot after the first 100 pages and that they felt it needed some more editing, but would be glad to consider it again afterward. At first I was quite happy, they didn't reject it outright. But then she suggested the editing services of Book Marketing International, another of Linda Langton's companies, and if I was interested she could send me a quote. Alarms bells went off because I had been through a similar situation many years before with a fake agency called Aardvark who was working with a known scam "book doctor" called Edit Ink., which I also avoided. Anyway, Valia quoted me two types of editing services, one that would cost around $1500.00 and another that would be around $4000.00. It was at this point that I started checking them out a bit more and was lucky enough to find this page here on Absolute Write and read all of your posted experiences. Now I was furious because it's clear that Linda Langton IS a legit agent and I made sure of that before I queried her...and yet she's trying to scam potential clients by suggesting her own editing service??? So at that point I sent Valia a very terse response thanking her for wasting a month of my time with this ridiculous scam then I promptly told her and Linda that they could take their agency and shove it up their asses. Yes, I told them that, and I'm damn proud of it. So, after a few days where I had to recovery my temper and my faith in humanity I will continue the querying process. Hopefully I won't run into any more of these types of situations. But I must say, I am VERY grateful that I found Absolute Write and this thread with all its warnings.

My best to you all,