Hello all,
First time author and first post here. I learned about Langton through an email query through the Readers Favorite site. Did a little research which led me to this thread.
This is part of Langton’s response to my query about potential representation:

“Our readers really enjoyed the storyline and loved the heartfelt message. However, they also thought that the "pop culture" references were distracting and that the dialogue needs work. Therefore, Donna, we believe it needs an edit before we can send it out to commercial publishers.

We believe that you can bring Barnyard Bully to the next level and we think that you would benefit from the help of a professional editor who would do a line edit. A line edit is where the editor will go through line-by-line to help you make the writing stronger and give you some detailed developmental comments.

We are sure you are already working with an editor and we would be happy to read your novel again once it has been edited. If you do not have an editor, Donna, Linda started Book Marking International to help writers become published authors. We work with fantastic professional editors, some of whom are award-winning authors and others have worked as editors for major publishing houses. Please do let us know if we can help you find a professional editor.

Whatever you decide, we would be happy to read Barnyard Bully again once it has been edited.
We look forward to helping you, Donna, and we wish you a lovely day.”

They want to sell me editing services for $495 (the book has been through one editor already) with a hint of potential representation. Not sure what to think. I welcome your opinions.
Thanks in advance,