Hi everyone:

I'm new to these forums and am looking for a little feedback on a similar dilemma I'm facing with this agency. I've been an aspiring novelist for many years and have two completed young adult fantasy manuscripts which I've been shopping to agents.

My second book is the more marketable idea, and Langtons was thrilled by the sample chapters and requested my full manuscript. Finally got her response a few days ago and it goes like this: "loved the first half, things lose steam towards the middle, but I think this novel has a lot of potential." Long story short, she's suggesting I hire a professional editor to review my manuscript so that I can revise based on those recommendations and resubmit to her.

I can understand why this particular manuscript might need work, but it would be at my expense (roughly $1,000). I guess Langtons doesn't feel quite strongly enough about me or my work to invest in that money themselves, and as an unpublished novelist, I'm inclined to think that's reasonable.

Initially I felt weird that they suggest to an aspiring author to hire thier own editor at thier own expense in the hopes that the resulting revision will be something they feel confident in representing. On the one hand I'm happy to get professional feedback and I'm sure my book will improve from that feedback. I also feel like $1000 is worth the expense if it means eventually getting published. But on the other hand there's an element of risk that makes me apprehensive.

They aren't exactly pressuring me to use thier recommended editor and said I was free to find my own, but they are also "happy to recommend" thier person (who would charge me the $1000 for an extensive critique that goes well beyond proofreading). Haven't talked to anyone over the phone yet, and they haven't given me any specific feedback.

Romi, how has your experience with Langtons been going? I see that you were apprehensive about them innitially but came to like working with them. I got in touch with another one of thier clients who was very satisfied with the way thier book was handled and sold, and who was NOT charaged any fees by Langtons. Any thoughts or feedback I can get would be appreciated! Thanks!