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Thread: Would You Rather...

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    That's a very interesting question in that I work with special needs children and had not heard of Dyscalculia. Both this condition, and dyslexia, commonly occur with ADHD. This condition I am very familiar with for personal and professional reasons. So, thank you for posing the question. I digress.....(finally).

    Given that dyslexia is a condition that most people are more familiar I would rather have that challenge to overcome. Also, given that math is a subject many people don't see themselves as being 'good at' dyscalculia might commonly be overlooked as a diagnosis. Or at least fewer people may seek help for it. Many of those with ADHD don't seek help as it is, in fact despite the misnomer that ADHD medications are over prescribed, the actual percentage of those who need the medication, and receive them, is very small. Dyscalculia would seem to be a complex condition interfering with many more areas of daily living.

    OK, dyslexia, my final answer.

    Would you rather eat raw cookie dough or baked chocolate chip cookies?
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