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Thread: AW Photography Thread

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    practical experience, FTW Alan Aspie's Avatar
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    Oct 2018
    Some views about photographing....

    1. It is not cameragraphing. It is photographing. Camera is not your main tool.

    2. Your most important tool is shadow. Light is the second. Lens is third.

    3. With SLR/DSLR -cameras you should first choose your format. (Mid format, FF kino, crop kino) Then you think about lenses. After that you choose a body that suits those lenses, your hands and your way of thinking.

    Knowing your gear is much more important than what that gear is.

    4. If you want to learn something, then starting with good primes is better than fooling with dark and smutty zooms. And FF is much better than a crop.

    If you buy a used FF with a good 50mm/1.4 lense and really think about your photographing you can make wonders.

    One of those wonders is that you decide the depth of field in your pictures.

    5. Photographing is art of reducing. You get two things. And then you photograph the relation between these two things - not them. You reduce all else out of attention. You think how you can do it.

    Your kid is playing with his/her favorite toy. DON'T take a photograph that shows how he/she looks. Go inside the kids world of playing and take a photograph about kids relation to his imagination.

    6. Tell, don't show. Picture that shows something is nothing. Picture that tells a story, emotion, something... That's good.

    7. Use photographing to develop your visual and narrative thinking.

    8. Take your visual thinking to your stories and your narrative thinking to your photographing.

    9. A good photographer always looks lazy.

    10. If you wan't to photograph outside, then bad weather is the best weather for you. Dark, rain, smog, fog, freezing cold...

    Here is something that shows you what I am talking about. Finnish photographer Hannes Heikura was photographing war in Afganistan 2007. And there was also the other kind of war - war on drugs. So Hannes took a photo about soldier in a poppy field...
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