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Thread: Andrea Brown Literary Agency

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    So you're suggesting what? Bigfoot? scully931's Avatar
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    Andrea Brown Literary Agency


    I just received a letter from the Andrea Brown Agency requesting the first three chapters. Does anyone know anything about them? It doesn't appear as though they are an AAR member. The address I used was in Salinas, CA and was obtained through a book at the bookstore. The address the Andrea Brown agency gives on their website is in Palo Alto, CA. The woman requested submission by email. I can't find her on the Writers' Yearbook site. I also did a search on the agency here and couldn't find anything, which surprised me.

    Sooo... in conclusion ... does anyone have any information??? Thanks so much for any help! I don't want to get my hopes up if they aren't legit.

    Edit: I just found them on the 'another realm' site and they have a $ and 'recommended' by their name. It's not that I doubt that site. But, any ideas as to why I can't find them elsewhere?
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