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Welcome to the AbsoluteWrite Water Cooler! Please read The Newbie Guide To Absolute Write

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Thread: The Newbie Guide to Absolute Write

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    The Newbie Guide to Absolute Write

    **Please note: I don't own or run this site anymore. I'm still around and I'm still a moderator, but MacAllister Stone is the lady in charge.


    Hi new friends!

    We're glad to see you here. This forum can be a little overwhelming when you first show up, so I figured it was about time we did a real introductory post.

    First off, you have to register to post here. To do that, just go to .

    Once you've done that, you can fill out your profile and post here wherever you like. To start a new topic, visit any of the boards and click on the icon toward the upper left that says "New Thread." It looks like this:

    To respond to someone else's thread, just go all the way to the bottom and click "Post Reply," which looks like this:

    If you want to introduce yourself, we'd love that. Visit the Newbies board here and start a new thread and tell us who you are, what you write... whatever you like.

    There is one overriding rule on this board, and that is "Respect your fellow writers." We seriously hate drama and flame wars and all that nonsense that crops up on most Internet boards. If that's your bag, there are lots of other boards out there that are more rough and tumble.

    Don't get me wrong-- we're not all Donna Reed and Mr. Rogers, and we don't all sit around patting each other on the head all day. You'll find that there are some people here who are more "prickly" than others. Best I can say is that you should take whatever you can find of value here, and leave the rest behind. If someone irks you terribly, there's a simple solution: use your "Ignore" function.

    Where's that, you ask? Why, it's in the User CP (User Control Panel), a handy dandy thing with many functions. To get to the User CP, look up and to the left, in the blue bar. If you right-click it and click "open in new window," you can go there now and still keep this window open for directions. Got it? Okay, here's what's there:


    Your rep comments. If you haven't posted yet, you won't have any. But after a while, you probably will. On every post, you should see several little icons on the bottom left. One is a scale. That's the reputation scale. Anyone can click it and leave a comment. It's normally used to thank someone for a post, or say "LOL" (laughing out loud), or other short commentary that would clog up the thread. If people disapprove of something you wrote, they can leave you a negative comment, too.

    Edit Signature: Your signature, if you choose to have one, appears on every post you make. Here's what it says in the instructions: "(Please note: It's perfectly fine to link to your blog, personal site, book info, etc., but we're not too fond of it when people use this forum to try to attract traffic to other writers' forums. Thanks for your consideration.)"

    The other thing we're REALLY not fond of is big graphics. It slows down the site, eats up bandwidth (which makes it more expensive), and generally annoys the heck out of people. Honestly, this isn't the kind of board where people appreciate giant banners, photos of you and all your friends, a life-sized book cover, etc. on every post. Please keep the graphics to a minimum, or we'll remove them.

    Edit Email & Password: If your e-mail address changes, remember to update it here so we can contact you if needed. We've never sent out a mass mailing to the people on the boards. It's up to you whether or not to allow site members to e-mail you (through the board-- they don't see your e-mail address, just a form), but we'd appreciate it if you'd keep the address updated so the administrators can write you if need be. The other good reason to keep your e-mail current is that if you want to subscribe to a thread (to get notification of replies), get reminders for calendar events, or get an e-mail when you have new Private Messages on the board, the system needs to know where to send that mail!

    Passwords do sometimes go wonky for no good reason, where the board doesn't recognize someone and won't send a new password. If that happens to you, write to forums @ (remove the space) and ChunkyC can reset your password.

    Edit Profile: Here's where you can put in a bio, link, photo, and answer some silly questions.

    Edit Options: Here, you can decide to be invisible (mods can see through invisibility), turn off images if you're on dial-up and the pages load too slowly, choose whether or not to let people e-mail you, whether or not you want to get e-mail notification if someone sends you a private message, etc.

    Edit Avatar: When you first sign up, you can choose an avatar from our collection. Once you reach 50 posts, though, as long as your reputation score is still 10 or above (everyone starts with 10 points), you'll become a Super Member and be allowed to upload your own custom avatar. PLEASE NOTE: It takes the board a couple of hours to reset itself and realize that you've become a Super Member, so please don't worry if you're not immediately able to upload an avatar. Avatars must be no larger than 80 by 80 pixels for regular members. (Benefactors and mods get some extras; I'll tell you about that in a minute.)

    Edit Profile Picture: You can upload a picture of yourself here. People will see it when they click your username and go to your profile.

    Private Messages: All members get storage for up to 25 messages. Benefactors get 75.

    Subscribed Threads: When you post a message, you can choose to "subscribe" to that thread, which means you'll be notified whenever someone responds. You have a few options of how to be notified-- immediately by e-mail, once a day by e-mail, or just in a separate spot here on the site. You can "unsubscribe" from threads in that spot on your User CP, too.

    Event Reminders: If you see something on our calendar that's coming up and you want to be reminded of it before it happens, you can ask for a reminder to be sent to you.

    Paid Subscriptions: This is what you use if you want to become a Benefactor Member. In short, it costs us several hundreds of dollars a month just to host this website (not counting salaries, writer payments, newsletter hosting, etc.), and we're usually just getting by each month. If you can afford to contribute toward the cost of the boards, we'd really appreciate it. Becoming a "benefactor" has some benefits, too-- if you haven't made it to 50 posts yet, you can skip ahead and upload your custom avatar and user title. If you have, you'll get extra mailbox space (75 PMs instead of 25), the ability to attach photos, larger avatars and profile photos, an ability to add things to the calendar, and more.

    Buddy / Ignore Lists: The Buddy Lists don't really mean anything. Maybe it shows a little icon next to your buddies' names when they're online... I don't even know. The Ignore list is useful for when you've encountered someone you just don't ever want to hear from again. There's no need to announce it, just quietly stick that person on "Ignore" and you won't ever have to trip over his or her posts again.

    Attachments: If you've been able to upload attachments (pictures or documents), you can take them down later here.

    More in a moment...
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    I am no longer here. If you'd like to visit me, please find me at or on Facebook. Thanks!

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