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Thread: Urban Fantasy Murder Mystery: Do I have too many characters?

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    Gosh, I've got nearly that many POV characters in my WIP! (Not really - there's eight - but they've all got partners/friends/kids/colleagues who make regular appearances too.)

    I see a lot of apprehension around large casts in these forums, but honestly - if each of your characters has a distinct purpose that serves the story, and that purpose is clear to the reader ('don't confuse the reader' is a golden rule of writing, as far as 'rules' go), and you're hitting a commercial word count and the story is complete and satisfying, isn't that all that matters?

    And I do think crime mysteries in particular are more forgiving of large casts anyway because of the suspects, the witnesses, the number of cops on the case (I read a lot of Ruth Rendell and Sophie Hannah and there's always at least half a dozen), all the red-herrings paths into family histories and suss acquaintanceships that need following, etc etc.
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