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Thread: Owl found in Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

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    Quote Originally Posted by frimble3 View Post
    Maybe the reason they see fewer males is that most males have enough sense to flee when their tree starts to shake, while females are all "But this is the perfect nest site! I'm not leaving!"?
    I thought they'd determined this one was male, though.

    Quote Originally Posted by ChaseJxyz View Post
    Owls can get even smaller than that. The elf owl smol. Baby. I didn't know a lot about owls since they're so hard to see (they don't really come to your bird feeder!) until I read the Ga'Hoole books. I haven't seen any owls since moving to California, but a friend did have some great horned owls who had a nest by his place in Lafayette, I was so jealous!

    Remember the polar vortex(?) year where there was a bunch of snowy owls in NYC?
    I've seen a number of barn owls here in CA, though it varies from year to year. Some summers I see them flying around at dusk and hear their cries late at night. Other years I don't see or hear any. We have great horned owls here in Sacramento too, though I've never seen one. Evidently, they can carry off a decent sized cat (or small dog). Another bird-related reason to keep your kitties inside.

    I've seen burrowing owls too, which are incredibly cute and unusual birds. They used to have a colony on the UC Davis campus when I was a student there. It delayed the construction of a new football stadium, because they chose that particular empty field to nest in. Eventually, they "persuaded" the owls not to nest there, unfortunately.
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