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I thank you all for the replies, and have thought about all that's written which is all useful stuff in the scheme of things. However my original (probably poorly articulated) query and the point of my 'block' is that I think the story I have to tell is memoir, but also exposť of corruption/ineptitude in the public sector, but also a call to arms for a worldwide epiphany that we can't eat money and judging personal success by wealth, power, fame is a fools way. And there must be a better way.

Perhaps I have three separate stories to tell. Perhaps it's a trilogy. Perhaps there is a way of telling all that in one book; because they are all interwoven and related. That's the bit I can't get my head around. As Druid12000 says, there are millions of self-help books about recovery. I'm fairly sure I DON'T want to be filed next to 'Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.'

And then I have a bunch of gremlins in my head about style/how much humour to interject (nobody wants 300 pages of durge) and that sort of thing.
It sounds like a book. You should write it.

I'm not being smart, but I think you'll better assess what it is, when it's done. There's a lot of memoir that ends up as fiction, or Upmarket Fiction or Bookclub Fiction - but until you write it, you won't know.

Try talking it out, when no-one's around. Do you say more as you, or as a fictional character? (For myself, it's always a fictional character.) Play with it - but be honest. That's all you need do.

ETA: Also - humour is good