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Thread: Covid 19: Coronavirus November 2020

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    I suppose the argument for allowing a limited number of small gatherings within a tiny window is that people are going to do it anyway, and this way there's a chance of reducing the scope and size, and therefore mitigating the harm somewhat. However, this would likely just make it harder to enforce, and therefore encourage people to push against these limits. How can they tell how many gatherings a family has actually has had or how many people are in attendance? And define "family" anyway. Do they mean "household," or does a "family" consist of all households that are ostensibly related genetically, or by marriage, or in some other way?

    I can think of at least several different hypothetical "small" gatherings my spouse and I could attend that each could be hosted by individual households that count as (non overlapping) "close family," and we don't even have particularly large families.

    As an aside, how states/provinces/municipalities/countries enforce bans of family gatherings, even if none are allowed? Do they go door to door to check? Patrol the streets looking for excess numbers of cars parked in front of certain houses? Wait for neighbors to complain? Wouldn't their capacity for policing be overwhelmed if lots of people are breaking the rules, even if there were a way to detect them?
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