Called out yesterday, and today I sent my official notice that I'm resuming my leave of absence as a high risk for Covid 19, as the conditions in Albany have quickly deteriorated. Over the last week we had been hanging over 3% infection rate, today it's listed as 5.61%, and that doesn't count all the new Thanksgiving infected who are just starting to get contagious. Did my laundry and grocery shopping this morning first thing. I won't leave the house at all for two weeks (for laundry and shopping again). I suspect my boss will be shitty and fight my unemployment. If so, I have documentation of all our store's lapses in mask use, and disinfecting surfaces, as well as employees leaving the state, being sick, going to parties and gatherings, and clocking in after lying on the clock-in Covid questionnaire. Also, our policy of requiring us to wait on the maskless, makes it impossible to be safe even if the other safeguards were used. I think I'll be okay. I'll figure something out.