I guess it's a new month. Cases are increasing with no reasonable hope of relief in sight. So much hangs on this election, but I don't see even a Biden win resulting in federal-level mask mandates or lockdowns. At best they can offer better support for states that are still struggling to put lives ahead of the economy, and if the Democrats win both houses of Congress, to provide more relief for people who are struggling.

Other countries are reinstating lockdowns, but here even our bluer states are growing weary of fighting an antsy public that is determined to pretend the worst is over. I suspect cases will spike hard after the holidays, when many people will rationalize themselves into family gatherings that will bring students just home from college and people whose jobs put them in danger's way together with relatives who have been isolating more stringently.

Someone died of Covid on an airplane here, and other passengers haven't even been notified that they might have been exposed. Not that I plan on flying anywhere in the near to medium future, but when and if I ever do again, it most definitely won't be on Spirit. How can someone who was so ill she was literally minutes from death make it through their pre boarding, and why have they abrogated all responsibility to their other customers?