Day 22- Got in about 400 words today.

Second- Good work plotting. My younger brother is the same. He got glasses a year after me and all these years later he still only wears contacts because his job requires him too.

Magnus- Yay for getting a session in and double yay for RPGs.

Ptero- Good going on the 300 words. Congrats on the new glasses.

Woolly- God luck with chapter 8. You just have to bear with it until you can find your clarity.

Layla- Congrats on the words and the cleaning. I think next month I need to start a "clean a little everyday" plan.

Chase- Way to go on the chapters and rewrites. I miss the days of "OH leaves!" For the last decade or so my prescription has stayed the same, more or less. So its become "Oh I have 10% more (or less) viewing area. It's not as fun...

Cindyt- Grats on the words and editing.

April- Way to go on the 843 words.