Day 27

Word Count 171

A Deadly Spill of Scarlet - Wasn’t going to have a table of contents, but since KDP requires one, I pulled the old one out of my Deleted Files. I figure part pages and chapters look better than just chapters.

Dress Her in Chameleon - LBL editing. Refigured my chapter pages vs. part pages and scanned over to Chapter 44 where I took up the texts edits. Except for inserting the Table of Contents, I’m done with formatting.

Moon - Good luck with the short story contest!

Layla - Progress!

April - I’m talking about Kindle Create, which is an interior formatting tool for ebooks and paperbacks. If you don’t want to use it once you’ve uploaded your Word file, then don’t us it. Simple as that. You can also delete the book on your dashboard if it comes down to it. What’s conspiracy got to do with that? Jings!