Cindyt: Nice work!

Chase: Sounds like you’re whipping those chapters into shape!

Layla: Aw, yeah, I do that too. And if I’m hard on myself I tend to roll up into a ball and drink wine through a straw. I need a carrot instead of a stick to get me to write. Anyhoo, awesome sauce getting words and reading (and dancing and cleaning and all the things).

Woolly: I FEEL YOU. Every second chapter for me feels like your Chapter 8. Give it time—hopefully you’ll find a way in.

Pterofan: Or you could try chocolate? That works too

Magnus: Great job—enjoy that reward

Second: Glad you’re feeling better.

karasunoyashi: Nice!

I ignored the mess that is Chapter 7 and instead wrote 843 for Chapter 8. Right now I’m pretending Chapter 7 doesn’t exist.