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Thread: US election 2020 - WEEK 1...2...3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Introversion View Post
    This lawyer says that can’t happen. Sorry, there’s no transcript. It’s a pretty watchable albeit long presentation though:
    I'll try to check that out when I have a chance. This whole thing is confusing to me: what the Constitution does and doesn't allow in terms of disregarding the popular vote in a state, and when a case decided by a State's high court can be appealed to a federal court and ultimately the SCOTUS.

    A federal judge has just denied the Trump campaign's attempt to delay vote certification in PA, which is good news. I'm assuming they will appeal, however. It's possible the SCOTUS will refuse to hear it and simply let the lower court decision stand, of course.

    Quote Originally Posted by frimble3 View Post
    I'd like to see the look on his face when his hand-picked (more or less) Supreme Court hands him his coat. After all, they're in for life - what do they need him for?
    If the Republicans have the Supreme Court, and the Senate, maybe they'd rather deal with someone a little less volatile? Or, less crazy.
    That's the point of giving federal judges life terms, so they don't succumb to political pressures. However, it doesn't preclude them being "true believers" in the vision Trump's followers have for the US. The way some of that lot have voted suggests that justices can be ideologues too. Being on the bench for life also means they can make incredibly capricious, transparently partisan, and undemocratic rulings without consequence too.

    I don't know what the Constitution says, in so many words, about what Trump is doing. It's clearly in violation of the spirit of the Constitution and of liberal democracy in general, but we now have a majority of justices who ostensibly believe the Constitution has no spirit or intent and is nothing more than the exact words on paper.
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