Hi all,

I initially joined this site in 2015 but have been rather inactive since then. I hope to have some more time on my hands now and interact more with all of you. Posting a short intro does seemed like a good place to start.

My name is Tom Fitch. I belong to the age-group generally defined as middle-agers... Although I often feel younger, but on occasion also older.

I live in the Brussels area. My parents worked and lived there when I was born and I never got around leaving. Which is rather a good thing as I actually like the place a lot, even if some refer to it as a hellhole. Rest assured, few Brusselers feel any inclination whatever to convince those of that opinion of the opposite, and prefer keeping Brussels' hidden charms to themselves.

I'm married with two teenage kids. Which prevents life from getting dull.

I have been reading for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I already had a flash-light stashed under my pillow to read late into evenings under my blankets. I remember the Famous Five from those days, as well as Rémi, the Nobody's Boy. Currently, I mainly read novels, almost no non-fiction. One exception to that though. Being a car-nut, I read a lot of books covering motorsports history.

Authors I particularly like are Tom Wolfe, Pete Dexter and Joe Abercrombie.

Besides reading, I try to dabble a bit in the endless pool of words and sentences, hoping, probably in vain 😃, to one day end up with a master piece on my desk.

That being said, I hope to find some good banter and rambling about books and writing in general here.

Looking forward to exchange some spirited thoughts with you all.