Hi ChaseJxyz,

Thanks for your detailed response. I agree about ISBNs - I don't want to upset librarians, and actually I don't think my book will need one. I just want to find the best way to offer variant covers. I agree that there probably won't be a huge take-up, and it's not a cunning marketing ploy, just something I might like to do for the sake of playfulness and creativity (as I'm an illustrator and cover designer).

A digital, print on deman press, such as KDP or IS, might be a way forward then? Amazon are a bit funny about offering different covers - maybe even for ebook and paperback (I'm just checking this).But perhaps a way around it is simply to have some physical stock printed and then sell them from my website - just a handful to begin with. Really, it's just an excuse for me to create art to explore the themes of the book in different ways.