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I think we will never be the same country we were before this happened. I know Trump is a symptom of a bigger problem that has been festering for a long time, but like the long-term havoc some symptoms can wreak on a patients' body, he also has done a great deal of damage to our country. Much of this damage cannot be erased with the stroke of a pen. Some institutions will take a long time to recover (like our courts), and even the best possible outcome in the Senate and House will not purge all the Trump lovers from the halls of Congress. The faith many of us once had in our system of checks and balances, not to mention any notions we had that the hateful right-wing fringe was only a small minority, has been shaken to its foundations. We've learned how fragile a thing democracy is. I hope people at least learn that this fragility underlines the importance of civic engagement.
Yup. Trump may be a symptom, but he is also the ultimate instigator for current division in this country. Fox News yesterday complained about Biden calling some heckler a chump (I think he said, "When I'm president, I'll work for everyone. Even chumps like you.") And I'm just like...really? Because Trump gets up there every single freaking day and calls Democrats all sorts of names. Democrats, immigrants, anyone who voted for Obama, military heroes, people in other countries, other world leaders...

I'm afraid it will take awhile to get past this. My own faith in the checks and balances is completely gone - we all know Barrett has guaranteed her loyalty to Trump or he never would have nominated her.