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Thread: What genre is my MG short story collection?

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    What genre is my MG short story collection?

    I'm writing a MG linked short story collection. It's about four pets and their adventures. Some of the adventures are basic (yet still action-filled) like a library cat returning a lost bookmark to a human. Other are more complex. For example, an evil lizard who is making a serum to turn himself a dinosaur and the pets have to stop him.

    The main bad guy in the collection is the lizard who wants to be a dinosaur, but he's only in half of the stories. The other half of the stories are the more basic, "everyday" tales. The lizard is focused on science, but in the sequel to this collection I was thinking, maybe, to have a magician's pet be the main villain who focuses on magic.

    I know the most pros say "Figure out the genre after you write it" but this is driving me crazy!

    Thank you in advance.
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