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Yeah, a mixed relief indeed... definitely will be copycats, possibly less inept copycats.
This has been my concern. This guy and the Wet Willy Wildcats or whatever in Michigan - these particular dudes are idiots, but not everyone is an idiot, and sometimes even idiots get lucky.

I suspect there are a lot of similar plots brewing right now, and it would only take one or two successes to create a huge mess.

There's a guy who I occasionally see near my house selling citrus out of the back of his truck. I've bought from him many times over the years. Saw him last weekend, and there was a new sign nestled among the usual "Oranges - $x/lb" and whatnot. "Stand back and stand by."

Great advertising, guy. You've managed to make buying fruit feel like funding terrorism. Dunno what this particular clown is "standing by" to do, but he'll have to do it without my money from now on.