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Thread: Is there a publishing industry blacklist and, if so, is there any way to deal with it?

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    Is there a publishing industry blacklist and, if so, is there any way to deal with it?

    I went to graduate school several years back and I got the grad school cohort from hell. Basically a bunch of gossiping, hatemongering people with a superiority concept. They thought they were superior to all other people in that school and they made sure to tell each other every five minutes. There was a grad student guy, they just up and decided to mock and ridicule him behind his back for about three months, and the cohort facebook group was looking more and more like the National Enquirer. I eventually just got sick of them and blocked the lot of them on Facebook and severed all ties.

    I've repeatedly heard that in the past few years, publishing blacklists have sprung up. For example, agent Barry Goldblatt said on Twitter that there's an "enemies of people of color" blacklist. It was referred to on this article: . Many people speaking to media about publishing do so on the condition of anonymity because they're afraid of being blacklisted.

    I am not a bigot at all, but the people of the sort I am talking about don't mind lying about a thing or ten. Or twenty. Is it possible in the publishing industry for somebody of the sort I went to school with to "make some phone calls" and editors and agents won't look at my query letters or manuscripts? Cause, while my grades in that professional school were really good, I looked for work for over eight months and couldn't even land an interview. The industry I was in school for is a small one, so everybody knows everybody else and blacklisting somebody is possible, and I think that's what my wonderful "friends" did.

    Is it possible for just anybody to slip some false accusations and get an aspiring writer blacklisted in the spirit of cancel culture? While that sounds like a petty and spiteful thing to think of a group of people, well, they are a petty and spiteful bunch of people and have shown themselves quite capable of it. The industry I tried to get into, I don't care about so much; but writing is my life and my passion, so that part worries me quite a bit.

    Many thanks in advance for your help.
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