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Thread: Diversity

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sophia View Post
    I'm too angry to write the considerate, helpful, patient responses that everyone else has written in this thread.

    I'm going to use "we/our" for anyone who isn't a White, Straight, Cis, Able-Bodied Male.

    Our existence doesn't need to be justified. We exist. Everywhere.
    We have full, rich, inner and outer lives, every bit as complex, nuanced, and vast, as yours.
    Yes, I fucking want to see myself depicted in stories, and there is nothing ridiculous about that.
    The fact that you don't comprehend any of this and thought it was okay to post that pile of absolute rubbish (a polite version of what I think it is) demonstrates things I can't post because of the RYFW rule.
    (Emphasis mine)

    More so, I would say from my own reading experiences. The advice to "read widely, read deeply" doesn't only apply to the various marketing categories and genres. It encompasses the works and perspectives of cultures not-our-own.

    Anyone who has spent any time at all in the Contemporary Literature room already knows my love for Words Without Borders: The Online Magazine for International Literature. That online magazine has opened the world to me as a reader and lover of literature. Reading works in translation—as well as reading the works of LGBTQ writers from everywhere, and POC and ethnic writers here in the U.S.—opens our minds to rich, nuanced perspectives on the world we all inhabit and that serves to make us all better writers.

    And better human beings.
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