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The film adaption was done by M Night Shamalayn, who's Indian, and he said that his kids really loved it, so everyone was excited that he would do a good job. But everyone was either white or Indian. It also had a lot of stupid effects in it because this was during the height of the 3D movie craze. Literally everyone, not just the fandom, hated it. If you look up any "worst movies of all time" list Shamalyn's Avatar is always high up there.
Yeah, whitewashing aside (and that's a HUGE thing to set aside), it was just a godawful movie all around. I made the mistake of watching it in the theater when it first came out. I was SOOO excited. I knew it was bound to be different from the cartoon, and that was fine. I was ready to like it for what it was.

Then it started, and just, ugh.

They mispronounced the main character's name FFS! Imagine going to see a Star Trek movie and watching two hours of Spork and Captain Cork. It was that jarring.

The other thing that hit me really hard was the change to the main character's personality. In the cartoon series, he's a cheerful goofball of a kid. They're trying to save the world and he's all, "yeah, but first we should go to this random island so we can ride on the giant fish that live around it. Why? Because it's awesome!" You can't help but love him.

In the movie, he was just plain gloomy. Remember the Tigger Movie? It was like someone took the Tigger movie and remade it scene for scene, only with Eeyore cast as Tigger. The movie came out in the middle of the "make everything extra-gritty" era, and it shows.

Yeah... it was just an abomination all around.