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Hey David

Personally, it is my challenge too to exactly pin the target audience for my book. So, as of now, I am writing it with myself as the target audience of the book. I think I have taken the term "self-help" a bit too literally!

The overall theme of the book is how to lead a life of purpose. That's been the driving question through most of my life and I hope that some insights which I have gathered in my journey also add value to others.

How has your self-help writing journey been thus far?
Thanks! Got it. Sounds good, and interesting. Yes, having a clear target audience is key.

My writing journey has been interesting, cathartic, and a little demoralizing. ; ) I recently shared a 200k-word+ draft of an experimental memoir (it uses fiction and fantasy elements) with close friends, family, and one astute beta-reader, and I've decided to re-write the whole thing. Just about to begin doing that any second now.