Replying to AW admin ..I am new at this by a few days so I don't have all the protocols. I was replying to 'lizmonster' but somehow the thread got lost and ended up with you. I know perfectly well though, what you as admin are saying. Have no fear of that. At the risk of repeating myself --which I am -my point was merely that self-publishing ' broadens the playing field --for better or worse..and that many good writers have been caught in the rejection wheel and lost out. That is it. I am not criticizing you or any other publisher. I don't know you or them. You have taken this way beyond its original intent. If this is the degree of sensitivity AW projects for a seemingly innocuous statement, one sentence that appears to have enraged you. I may well be in the wrong place. I was looking for a place to connect with writers. I feel like you have personalized this for some reason unknown to me. I am sorry if I have opened some old wounds. That was not my intent.