I'm looking for someone to offer general feedback on the first three chapters (approximately 10,000 words) of my WIP, tentatively titled Fairytale for the Damned, a psychological drama set in early 1980s Nebraska. The first scene is in SYW: https://absolutewrite.com/forums/sho...8#post10656598

I am willing to swap (I'll read pretty much anything) but might be slow since I'm going through a busy spell.

I don't have a query letter for this yet but the premise is basically: a troubled loner (depressed Vietnam vet, recently fired from a pizza delivery job) goes to an isolated patch of woods to commit suicide and briefly glimpses someone fleeing into the darkness. He finds a notebook on the ground there filled with cryptic but intensely personal writing from someone who is also obviously struggling with suicidal urges, and he becomes obsessed with finding the journal's writer.