Take heart, Americans, we have idiots up here, too.

We have anti-mask idiots on Vancouver Island, a large and lovely place that, by it's name, indicates that there is no direct land connection.
You have to take a ferry there and back to get to the mainland.

These anti-maskers get on the ferry, intending to attend a 'freedom rally' in Vancouver to denounce the use of masks, distancing and other restrictions on their opportunities to catch COVID.
Unfortunately, they started protesting a little early, hassling and verbally abusing other, mask-wearing and rules-compliant passengers.

In the end, the police had to be called in. Anyone being identified as part of the group will be denied passage on BC Ferries, for at least the rest of the day.
Some people will get an unplanned visit to Vancouver - others, with responsibilities at home, well, I hope the guys who offer air-taxi service soak them for all they're worth.

Oh, and the rest of the ferries on that run were delayed by 45 minutes. People just hate that. Probably more than they hate wearing masks.