Lest we lose track of what's happening outside the Presidential case cluster, cases are still increasing in 33 states. Hopes that the infection rate would be low prior to the winter influenza season have turned out to be in vain.


I continue to be frustrated by the lack of cohesiveness and discipline, and the lack of awareness how this virus spreads. Just because case numbers are stable in one county doesn't mean people from a county where case numbers are increasing won't visit and spread the virus. And of course stable case numbers can start to tick upwards again once people are allowed to mingle more freely.

When my spouse and I were picking up curbside takeout last night, we couldn't help noticing how the restaurant is now allowing diners inside, though at reduced capacity. I simply wouldn't feel safe being indoors for an hour with my mask off, even if the other diners are more than ten feet away. People talk a lot over meals, and few of them replace their masks when they are not eating as they are supposed to. Talking spreads the virus. We've pretty much agreed we won't be eating in a restaurant again until we've had vaccines that appear to be quite effective and case numbers are really low.