KErickson, welcome to AW. Please read the Newbie stickies, which are quite short. They are there to let everyone know how AW works.

Your initial post did indeed ask something quite different from your revised post #15, and we answered that post with our knowledge and experience.

PyriteFool, Helix, mccardey, and Roxxsmom gave thoughtful and informative answers to your OP. They were quite right: The world is a dumpster fire, social media adds lighter fluid to the raging flames, and people have opinions. The recent Red Sofa catastrophe illustrates that.

The C-fic world is its own little bubble and has been for years. If you're looking to go mainstream, be prepared for an entirely different world. And if you disagree with an agent's tweets, don't sub to them. The query-go-round is not a quick ride. Research and a lot of patience are required. Good luck.

Calla Lily