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Thread: October 2020 Challenge - Write Every Day!

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    practical experience, FTW Cindyt's Avatar
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    Day 17

    Word Count - 346

    A Deadly Spill of Scarlet - As I might have related, my cover image for this book in no way meets Kindle Create specs. To wit, the height was way too short. I enlarged it and converted into 600 dpi and put it on the editor just to see what it looked like. Yikes, was it stretched. But it was just right on the KDP cover makers and saved successfully, so I’m good, I hope. Another new scene. Billy's out of the alley and back in the cantina, trying to drown his heartache over Carolina.

    Layla - Congrats for words added.

    A nephew got engaged today at a family party. They are still in high school but they've been together for four years. So, who knows. But his family is all excited. His mother, my sister in law, put the date down as 10/17/31. Uh.
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