Hey everyone! I'm Milo, they/them, and I "graduated" (covid kind of scuppered any chance of an actual graduation) from a game design degree back in June.

I both predominantly read and write SFF, though I've dabbled a little in mystery and literary fiction too. I love worldbuilding, which I blame on all the tea-stained pirate maps I used to make as a kid.

It's tough to say how long I've been writing, since I wrote stories constantly as a child, fanfiction here and there as a teenager, then rarely wrote anything for all my time at uni. I'm back into it at full force now, so I guess returnee writer is a good way to put it.

My most recent favourite series is the Mortal Engines Quartet, and I'm currently reading Circe by Madeline Miller and loving it! I'm not put off much by intended demographic, so I'll pretty much read anything from kidlit to YA to adult, but I think most of my writing would fall into new adult.

I currently work in the games industry as as UX/UI designer/artist, so if anyone ever needs a reader who knows about game development (or art!), feel free to hit me up :-)

At the moment I'm working on a dystopian short story, and gearing up for my first attempt at NaNoWriMo. I'm hoping to get a zero draft of a fantasy novel out of it that I can keep working on for a while afterwards.

Looking forward to chatting to people!