Relatively thick. The Moon is blood red. I've lived here more than 30 years and I've never experienced the smell of smoke like this. I actually went outside to see if there was a fire nearby and until I saw the Moon I wasn't sure.

Last year (or the year before, I lose track) there was smoke from the fires north of here in Canada. I seem to remember there was a bit of noticeable ash fall. Still it wasn't like this.

I knew this was coming with global warming. Some states are getting droughts or floods. The whole west coast is getting fires. Like Australia, and there must be many areas on the planet that have had or will get massive fires like this.

NPR: Wildfire smoke billows into Seattle area with flurry of 911 calls

They had to announce not to call 911 unless you could see flames. Apparently the smoke literally billowed across the Snoqualmie pass.

On the Washington Smoke Information blog, readers were reporting smoke rolling across Snoqualmie Pass and into Puyallup and Maple Valley about 7 p.m.

An experimental forecast from NOAA showed near-surface smoke flowing over the mountains....

The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency's air monitoring system showed a spike in fine particulates in North Bend and nearby areas in the evening.
It forced authorities to issue Level 3 evacuation notices to the town of Bridgeport and to close highways in the area, including US 97 between Brewster and Omak and US 2 in several spots....
Like Paradise CA, a couple of towns have burned down already.