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Thread: How do you become a proofreader?

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    I did a stint as a copy editor and proofreader for a few years. What type and how much formal, documented training have you had from reputable institutions? You will need that. There are reputable, recognized online training courses out there, and you will need to pay for the education and certificates. Ask around for recommendations for those courses and providers that have the highest credibility, as you have done here. As for me, I got lucky; there's no other explanation. I pointed to certain writing courses I had during my university education, plus a list of publications I could show and got in on the ground floor of a then-start-up specializing in academic, scientific and business documents (no, not a term paper mill--just to be clear) and I did my job well. The company is now fairly well regarded. I doubt I could get the same job again with the same credentials. For what it's worth, this was as a work-from-home employee, and not freelance.

    Not only would you need to learn, and be able to document that you've learned, the mechanics of proofreading, you'll do well to learn about the business of freelancing. How will you develop your business plan? How do you decide how much to charge? How much do you budget for advertising? Where is it best to advertise for your target clients?
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