Iím brand new to the site, fairly new to writing as well, only a few years under my belt, but Iím enjoying the adventure. I really started writing with NaNoWriMo, so I am one of those insane people who thinks it would be fun to spit out a novel full of mostly nonsense in just 30 days. And now I have 4 novels technically written but in states of revision varying from a complete and total mess to yeah, alright, I think this is pretty good. My goal is to get these published eventually ó and I do ultimately want to see ďBearvalancheĒ the Movie ó and I have realized I am now at the stage where I need outside opinions, so Iím trying to delve into the world of critique partners and a friend pointed me to this community, so here we go.
I would tend to say I write in a fantasy genre, but Iím always a little bit hesitant about that label, because it tends to conjure images of elves and dwarves ó which, donít get me wrong, I love to read, but itís not what I write. Multiple ancient gods have shown up to bother my modern mortals, for example, and the essence of a star was transferred into a pig. (Also, ďBearvalancheĒ is exactly what it sounds like: an avalanche of bears.) Absurdist fantasy, perhaps? Iím still figuring that out.
As far as leisure reading, I have always broadly loved fantasy and sci-fi ó one of my favorite games is to browse a bookstore and see if Iíve read at least one book on each shelf through those genres ó and Iíve more recently graduated to biographies of people I think sound interesting. Turns out non-fiction can be pretty cool too! But, again, not what I write.
So thatís pretty much me; Iím looking to find like-minded people with more experience than I have, who can maybe point me in good directions re:editing and publishing, and also to exercise my own critique chops in kind, since I know reciprocation is a very important part of the whole process.
Looking forward to the journey, cheers!