Have you been on one? How was that?

I had the impression that the writer retreats are sort of literary camps, with people who join somewhere, and they are writing and some creative writing teachers (well, actually writers themselves too) come and give lectures/ workshops/ critics, or something. I mean, these are a few days somewhere far away from the crowd and daily tasks, focusing on writing alone, learning new things about writing and interacting among writers. Does it sound familiar for anyone? I used to attend such literary camps in 1992-1995, every summer. They had also trips around and things meant to fill our inspiration wells.

Three people I knew organise a different kinds of writer retreats, and I think these might be useful too, if done well: renting a cottage in the mountains and going there for a few days, when they challenge each other to write two chapters a day/ 10,000 words a day or something.

I think this is not too good, even if for them it seems it works. I would not go anywhere outside the city just to stay inside and write. If I want only to write, I can do it at home, by myself. If I am with fellow writers, I am both to write and to interact with them, to exchange experience and to learn something.

Which is your experience with/ opinion about writing retreats?