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Thread: Writer retreats - what are they and opinions

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    Writer's retreats are simply a group of writers going to a place that's not home for a period of time to participate in various events and support their writing. The few I have been to have been more social than anything where people get work done, usually turning into some sort of wine fest with a fair number of inebriated participants doing what normal drunk people do. They are not a writer in residence program where a writer gets a small grant or stipend and is provided with a room or cottage along with food and other services so they can write.

    Personally, a room at the local motel for a few days or a week with few or no distractions would be cheaper and more productive. But I'm not that into drinking with other writers and listening to various sob stories about broken romances, lost book deals, politics and whether or not a Pulitzer or Nobel prize was deserved by whomever got it.

    You may find a writer's conference helps you more, especially if you're looking to learn or be informed. Dave Berry is a hoot as a headliner.

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