Hollywood and scheduled TV shows are nothing short of a close-contact superspreaders in a pandemic world. But they don't have to be. Tyler Perry from the studios of the same name sat down with people in the know and figured it out.

How Tyler Perry’s ‘camp quarantine’ fended off the pandemic during filming of ‘Sistas’

At his so-called “camp quarantine,” Perry implemented a 30-page list of conditions including frequent testing and sequestering cast and crew for “Sistas” at his sprawling Atlanta studio, which is on the site of a former army base.
So how did he fare? Perry said his experience was successful and that there was no COVID-19 outbreak during production. But he had to go to great lengths to make that possible — and there were hurdles along the way.
His recipe? Quarantine. Testing. And if you have read in the details and watched videos from other media on the Tyler's efforts - masks, hand washing, aggressive social distancing. And contact tracing, which is very efficient when the number of cases is low.

One takeaway for Perry was how effective masks can be at preventing the spread of the virus. A driver became infected with the disease but none of the crew members who drove around with him in a car got sick because all had been wearing masks, he said. “We traced all the people that were in the car with that person. ... Everybody in the car wore masks and did the right thing, and none of those people were positive,” Perry said.
A 30-pages playbook. Stringent processes. Discipline.

And masks.