A new month and no end in sight.

I've run across a couple of articles in the Atlantic this week that summarize something that's been bugging me for a while. The evidence points more and more to this virus being spread primarily through the air via contact between people, particularly in indoor spaces. But there is still so much emphasis on cleaning surfaces. Not that hand washing and cleaning surfaces has no benefits, and heck, it probably reduces transmission of other diseases. But it's far from sufficient for safety with a disease that spreads mostly via droplets and aerosols.



So all those gyms, bars, airlines, restaurants, theaters, amusement parks, public transit, and so on that assure everyone that they are deep cleaning and disinfecting? And the reassurances that the schools will be sanitizing surfaces? It's creating a sense of false security that does more harm than good. Why should I be reassured that my gym has sanitizes their equipment every hour when I'm not going to be licking the exercise bike and would wash my hands after I use it (if I went to the gym, which I have not been since this started). It's the people huffing and puffing in the same room, breathing the same recycled air who are most likely to infect one another--especially since the WHO says you should not work out with a mask on and gyms would therefore get exemptions for mask orders.

I'd feel far more safe if businesses and public agencies provide some detailed descriptions of the air flow, ventilation, filtration units etc. and by there being partitions and strict limits on how many are allowed in at the same time. Of course, that would be more complicated and expensive than sloshing everything with disinfectant.