Does anyone else come up with interesting scenes/ideas for their characters or world but get kind of bummed that there really isn't anywhere to put it? Like it won't fit into your story, but it's also not enough to be its own short story (or is too much for a short story but not enough for a novel/novella), so it's probably just going to sit in a word doc and not go anywhere.

I'd really like to see far into my world's future where science/technology is more like our real world's and how the different species/kinds would handle it. The High Elves can "see" most forms of energy/natural forces and have essentially "invented" the foundation of all science through their research and abilities...but a biological eye can only see so much, and the squishy biological mind can only work in so minute a detail. I think it would be Extremely Funny to have a story where they dispute the existence of gravity and relativity (because they can't see it as a force, so it doesn't exist, it has to be something else) or they are so behind the curve with medicine because they don't have the fine control of magic to cut up DNA, and CRISPR is clearly inferior, can you really trust an unthinking molecule to do the job right? There really isn't a plot and there would be too much worldbuilding to make this be a standalone short story.

Anyone else?