As the title says, one of my four POV characters (Billie) sounds different when it's from his POV and when it's from another character's POV. My book is in close 3rd person, BTW.

In his friends' POVs he's snarky, secretive, carefree, and mysterious. In his POV, he's less snarky and carefree and not at all secretive or mysterious.

I was thinking this is okay, because the way Billie sees himself internally is different from how his friends see him. However, I'm having doubts now.

I think that it's okay if he isn't mysterious or secretive in his POV because I want to be upfront with the readers. But, what about him not really being snarky or carefree? Should he still be as snarky and carefree in his POV as he is in his friends' POVs?

I know this is a decision the author should make, but I could use some feedback and pointers. Thanks!