Chase: Sorry to hear that. Those days are rubbish. BUT you still beat the blank page, and that’s a huge achievement.

Kerry: Congratulations! Hope you take the time to celebrate.

Layla: Yay the things! Enjoy that c-drama.

Keithy: She could rip the skirt of her dress, which might help her to climb?

WGough: *sends healthy laptop vibes*

Carrie: My series is open-ended; no idea how many will be in it! I’ll keep writing until it dries up. It’s a sword ’n’ sorcery fantasy about five Dragon Warriors whose job it is to protect people from dragons, magic etc. They are semi-successful. Have a peek at if you want to read more.

starry: Rest up

Second: Excellent job!

I’ve had a couple of days off—really needed it tbh—but I’m going to dive back into my shiny WIP today and tomorrow, before picking up Demon Book 3 on Monday.