Hang in there, Keithy
Chase, congrats on those paragraphs, and on today K
Enjoy that relaxation April
Nice work, Moon, with that 733!
Congrats on the progress on all front, Taylor
Congrats on that editing, starry
Animad, congrats on that 500 - it’s a great number. I feel the same way about missing a day
Good work with the revising, Gough

Day 3 - nuther hot one here - but you can see already that the days are getting shorter

WIP - took a skip day
R/SC - a run, two bike rides (from the woods to the lake and back) and a nice swim, got the groceries, went to the bank and made baked beans
BP/$$ - finished the apartment tidy up, and the housemate visitor cancelled…. Welp. At least I got it ready for the next person