I've got a friend who recently retired from his job heading the computer services for a small college. In his entire career, he had one keyboard. I have no idea how it lasted from the early eighties to today, but he refused to give it up and had to get adapters for it to work on more modern computers. I suspect if it ever dies, he will have it framed and put on the wall of his home office.

I'm not that persnickety, but I do have an older mechanical keyboard made by Ducky that I love. It uses brown Cherry switches that have just the right amount of resistance and it feels buttery smooth when I'm on a roll in my writing. Only downside is the space bar, which uses a slightly firmer switch, but I've modified it and have the action exactly as I like it now.

When I switch to my second computer, I have to use a more modern keyboard with blue Cherry switches and it makes me grit my teeth. It ain't the same, dadgum it, and clatters like tap dancers on marble floors.

Any preferences for you folks?