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Thread: Covid: Australia

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    Covid: Australia

    The changes to face-mask and face-covering recommendations that we were expecting this week have come through, and Guardian Australia has an excellent rundown for us on the advice, availability and proper way to protect ourselves at the moment down here:
    At a national level, the Department of Health now says in advice published on 9 July that masks are recommended in areas where community transmission is occurring and where physical distancing is difficult.

    Community transmission is occurring in Melbourne.
    which we've known for a while - Masks on, Mellers! but -
    It is also occurring on a much smaller scale in parts of metropolitan Sydney. That has prompted the Queensland government to list these “hotspots” there.
    Masks on also in parts of Sydney - and the lists of places is growing so stay updated.

    The Sydney virus is apparently much quicker in symptom-development - 24 hours from transmission. Which is a worry.

    (Were I to go out, I'd be masking now because yesterday we heard there's a case in a worker in the main shop in our little town - but, because I'm old and have Reasons, I won't be going out except for testing. I doubt I'll be leaving the house for at least a fortnight. And all the prospective guests have already been cancelled )

    Stay safe, Australia. Love you, Victoria!
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