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Thread: Recommend a specialist?

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    Recommend a specialist?

    Good Morning (and forgive me please if this is posted in the wrong place -- I checked but cannot find the best forum, so I will try this one)

    Five years ago, I wrote a novel.

    I thought it would be a best seller.

    It failed. Hehehe.

    Fortunately, I have a day job and I now write for fun (for myself -- mostly ;-)

    So, finally, I have begun another. It will likely fail too, but I will choose to harbor my delusions :-)

    So, in this story, I have a battle scene in a war. It goes on for two pages (about 600 words of what will be about 90,000 which I will write).

    Does anyone know of a consultant who can take such a scene and make it sound real-slang, lingo, etc.?

    Do people do things like this? Hire consultants? Yes, I have the luxury because of my day job, so I will.

    But where would I turn? Any suggestions?
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