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Thread: How would someone destroy the average American coin?

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    How would someone destroy the average American coin?

    So, this is a really specific situation: I'm outlining a new story and part of the plot involves the main character needing to destroy a coin that has been imbued with magic (to release that magic). Cutting, breaking, or warping the coin isn't enough; its physical state needs to change, i.e. melt.

    Thing is, metal doesn't exactly melt on the average summer day. Where could someone go/what could someone do to destroy the average American coin? A quarter, specifically. The melting point according to google is 2647 degrees Fahrenheit. Would my character need to procure specific equipment, like a welding torch, to do this, or could they go to a friend who works *somewhere convenient* to get it done? Are there any commonly-found furnaces or household equipment that can reach that temperature?

    (Hoping this doesn't get me added on a watch list or anything :P)
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