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Thread: The Top 100 Sci Fi from Goodreads

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    The Top 100 Sci Fi from Goodreads

    I'm sure many have seen it, but an interesting article came out on Goodreads via my email feed today (7/7/20). The full list is here:

    Instead of regenerating the list here, to make it more interesting and participatory for AWers, here's the twist. After perusing the list, how many have you read? Admittedly, I would have thought my percentage was a bit higher, though I came in near the halfway mark. I had to remind myself though, that this was more of a popularity thing than truly a curated list of the top 100 of all time. These are what's popular, not necessarily what's truly among the best!

    Perhaps that might be a worthy talking point here though - is there a distinction to make between popular reads versus truly canonical classics of a genre? If you had to take these popular reads, how many would also make it on to a list of the best in the genre, regardless of popularity? I was actually impressed with the number that I'd put in both...maybe 70-80% I'd also put in a classical sci fi "best of all time" list.

    What books would you include that are missing? What books are included that you thought "really? no way!"

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