I've said it once, I'll say it again, we are only as good as our practice. I will also say, that the point of a writer's group is to write and get feedback. For some this is just a social outlet, but for an awful lot of us there is the hope that we will be good writers someday. I invite you to come out and play with us. Erotica is a great place to grow. It's a storytelling form that requires all the skills that any writer needs and throws it into an exciting, tense scenario that is guaranteed to get a reaction out of your readers, good or bad. All of my writing is better because I write erotica, and I never suffer when an intimate scene is needed in my popular work.

We've got every type of writer from the rawest amateur to more than one published author, and even, at least one publisher that visit. I couldn't even tell you how many lurkers we have, but it's more than we have posters.

Come over, see what we are doing. Play along. It's good practice.

See this thread for past exercises - go to the bottom for a really good list. Or come over to E-SYW and just jump in. There's a new practice thread every week, and no story that gets posted goes without comment.